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One year ball similar way different from year to year. NFL (National Football League) as America's most popular sports, but also through the ups and downs of the year. 2015 is about to bid farewell to the occasion, let us review from a different angle NFL this wonderful extraordinary year.

February 1, 2015, the 49th Super Bowl in the midst of them exclaimed ended, the Patriots with one minute before the whistle steals, cut off the Seahawks hope of reversal, with the score 28 than 24 to win the game, lift the last 15 years the first four Lombardi trophies, came four touchdowns ?Tom Brady won his third Super Bowl MVP, for 15 years of dominance make all American sports teams looking up New York Times editorial said, this patriot is the best team in NFL history.

This session of the Super Bowl also received unprecedented commercial success, the average number of 114.4 million viewers hit television industry a new high, 5 million per 30 seconds of advertising prices also can boast of any other event, even the US President Barack Obama with its high ratings in Midfielder address the nation at rest.

After the start of 2015-16 season, the number of teams to maintain a long-term winning streak, which was undoubtedly the most impressive Panthers, build the team for 20 years they have long played the role of spoiler, after years of operation had enough strength this season In Newton, Jike Li, Norman and other Lord of the star, led the team to become the longest winning streak, but also because of the Panthers Stephen Curry ?fascinated them and streak across projects Competition NBA Warriors become media the talk, the Panthers are a matter of course to win the first regular-season record, their core Newton is considered a prime candidate for the MVP.

Meanwhile the Patriots, Cardinals, Tigers, Broncos and other teams did not let Panthers stood at their players headed, led play smooth offensive representative Jagged defense or both, early established a leading position, the fans appreciate to more than intense hot war, Jedi, buzzer lore, Hail Mary a long pass is amazing. Others started badly for the team after the way force, a young Kirk ?Cousins and JJ Watt led the Redskins and Texans were miraculously get partition first, break again after a lapse of many years playoffs, Cousins ​​told reporters howling out you like that became buzzwords network.

Some players while creating a remarkable personal achievement, which Peyton ?Manning with 71,871 yards of achievement become the most passing yardage quarterback in the history of the most dazzling; Drew Brees Continuous 10 for more than 4,000 yards passing last season not much; ?Russell Wilson became the first four consecutive games scoring more than 138.5 quarterback, Cam ?Newton became the first single-season pass 30 touchdowns rushing and another eight touchdowns running quarterback, a new generation of quarterbacks that the two leaders.

And 2014 rookie wide receiver in this position one dominate this year compared to the rookie who multi-flowering, bright stars, there are three people named to the Pro Bowl. Champion Demis ?Winston as early as the end of the first 14 weeks to become NFL single-season history of over 3000 yards passing quarterback youngest one; the 10th show Todd ?Geer Li season rushing yardage has already run more than one thousand yards, becoming the third person Rams history, and was named to the Pro Bowl; Heisman Award winner Marcus ?Mariota directed more thrilling play , became the first came four touchdowns in his rookie season, more games and no steals quarterback; No. 18 ?Show cornerback Marcus Peters contribute 8 copy cut, tying the single-season steals record Chiefs history.

As usual, this year's three games in London tournament attracted a large number of spectators and television viewers, the difference is Yahoo invested $ 17 million to buy the network broadcast rights to obtain an excellent reputation worldwide network users, the United Kingdom immediately after the game and NFL contract until 2025, the next 10 years, NFL games will be the world's most prestigious football field continue to be staged. NFL feel great charm of the various giants have extended an olive branch to the NFL, Apple, Google and Amazon and other major companies have joined to compete for the NFL Network broadcast rights in the past, Forbes magazine is predicted that Apple can rely broadcast week four-night tournament to earn $ 24 billion.

After more than four months, the fierce battle 17 weeks 256 games, 12 playoff giants have booked tickets for the next month, they broke out in the 2016 New Year's Day February 8 Beijing first The 50th Super Bowl tickets to a last-ditch. Early in November, the official would have been identified by the British music show midfield king Coldplay led, so fans understand is that they frequently millions in appearance fees have not seen in the media, but rather lose money on Super Bowl rumors rampant.

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