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Throughout NFL history, since 1970, joined the Denver Broncos NFL teams in almost every age tradition is Midland. Its decisions based on the style of the 1970s known as the "Orange Rangers' defense group and the devil at home" Sports Authority stadium "is something the fans relish. But such a powerhouse, but always missed the Super Bowl: the impact of the first four Super Bowl have failed, 7th trip to the Super Bowl got five runner-up, a tragedy no less than 4 Buffalo Bill even Asia. But in the last century, John Elway at the end of his career to help the Broncos sweep the Super Bowl twice, and finally for the previous four even stopped the momentum of Asia ............

John Elway, the Broncos history not one of the greatest quarterback since 1983 to champion joined the Broncos, led the Broncos into the Super Bowl five times, but the first three are defeated and missed the Super Bowl. Until he 37 years old, was finally able to do so. With a successful career, he bids farewell to his own 16 years of fighting for the stadium.

1979 19-year-old Elway came to Stanford University, though in his four-year college career at Stanford had never led into any bowl game, but it is undeniable that he is still on Sequoia greatest quarterback of one. In college for four years, he scored 774 passes 9,349 yards and 77 touchdowns. When he graduated, he almost all passing and offensive records Stanford's Pac-10 as a whole.

In 1983, when John Elway Broncos your visit, he became one of the most highly anticipated NFL players. As the main Stanford quarterback to win a number of honors during his college nationwide, even in the 1981 MLB Draft by the New York Yankees selected and the Yankees in 1982 under the minor league (New York-Penn League) in I played a summer baseball. Although the final Elway did not choose to continue his baseball career, but the Yankees 'owner George Steinbrenner has been able to hope Elway 1985 season to become the Yankees' starting right fielder. This idea ultimately failed to become a reality, but from another side reflects Elway type movement in the United States two pillars are quite hot.

In the 1983 draft, was the top pick of the Baltimore Colts did not hesitate to choose the John Elway. (He also became the top pick in NFL history to identity into one Hall of Fame quarterback, the other two are Terry Bradshaw and Troy Aikman), but did not want to Elway was the league's worst Colts play, and his Father does not want their son is called "harsh taskmaster," the pony coach Frank Kush men play. Two reasons prompted Elway began urging his agent let the Colts traded him as soon as possible. In the ongoing negotiations in passing, Elway repeatedly stressed that if the Colts can not trade off him, he will go to the New York Yankees to become a professional baseball player, when the colt will face crop failure embarrassment. Pony news of the upcoming transaction Elway Upon release, many teams have expressed interest, including the San Francisco 49ers, Joe Montana was great, but had a failed 1982 season. But in the end the Denver Broncos chips more to impress pony, mustang use fourth overall pick of the first round of offensive strikers Chris Hinton, backup quarterback Mark Herrmann and a 1984 first-round draft picks will eventually greatest team history quarterback John Elway to Denver.

Elway Broncos finally came, his career were the first two games and the team were veteran quarterback Steve Deberg rotation. In early October that year, due to the shoulder injury problems Elway will miss at least a month's game, veteran Steve Deberg was appointed head coach Dan Reeves is junior starting quarterback rest of the season. Although at the time of the Mustang has been a strong playoff contender, but Elway and other young quarterbacks in the league, as are constantly suffer this kind of problem.
1986 season, when Elway game in the American League final against Brown staged the fourth quarter of that perfect "The Drive", he led the Broncos finally broke into the big stage second Super Bowl. And in the beginning stages of the game, Elway led the Broncos played really bad, not only in the second quarter to maintain a 10-7 lead, will advance to the front of the Giants offensive array region 1 yards. But in the next successive third gear attack, the Broncos have not been translated into touchdowns and lost five yards, desperation shot selection. But the more people feel helpless, pig teammate kicker Rich Karlis eventually missed this opportunity to expand the score, not in the shot. This is not a shot has also become a watershed in the whole game, the Broncos in the game after the performance worse. Elway square in this area are sacks, resulting in a security Giants score at the end of the first half, the Giants will be indented score 9-10. In the second half the game, the Giants scored 30 points and eventually the audience scoreboard is 39-20, the Broncos lost Super Bowl this session. Although the Broncos did the final cup, but John Elway's performance is to all people left a deep impression, he came 304 yards and 1 touchdowns, while rushing yardage 27 yards to lead the Broncos road attack and scored a rushing touchdown.

In the second, 1987 season, Elway led the Broncos comeback. This season, Elway was elected to the Pro Bowl is not only the AL starting lineup, but also won that year's regular season MVP. Elway good play helped the Broncos reached the Super Bowl the second consecutive year, this time the opponents the last Super Bowl champion Giants became the sworn enemy of the district - one of the Washington Redskins. This time, the Broncos also won the start, lost the game. They 10-0 lead in the first section, the team had not yet been able to start at 10-0 eventually lost the Super Bowl, but the Broncos did our hero. Washington Redskins in the game after Cuikulaxiu got 42 points to win the big score 42-10 in the 22nd Super Bowl victory. Two consecutive years reached the Super Bowl, the final only runner-up, beg Elway psychological shadow area at this time.

And experienced a season of adjustment after the 1989 season, Elway led the Broncos once again rounded out the Super Bowl, and this time the Super Bowl, the Broncos opponent into the heyday of the San Francisco 49ers. This time the Broncos did not live up to the expectations of the majority of the fans, eventually lost 55-10 the fourth Super Bowl in team history. And two points difference of 45 points on the Super Bowl has become the largest in history points difference. Although Elway three yards rushing by a single team in the game scored only one touchdown, but his performance at other times quite satisfactory, just 108 yards passing yardage and two steals accounted for Such performance can really be said to be abysmal.

But he did not hide or play down their dismal performance at the post-match press interview, when a reporter asked him, missed three times whether he wanted to return to the Super Bowl after this stage, he declared that he wants to continue to lead every year team rounded out the Super Bowl, even if never get the title should have been so. However, through this, many people are beginning to doubt Elway in his career led the team's ability to win the Super Bowl. Four years into the Super Bowl three, won three runner-up, and only later this tragic Bill to go beyond. Elway led the Broncos vowed to win the Super Bowl, but Denver has always been waiting for this moment, but this and so on and so on ............ 8 years
(It is worth mentioning that, from Elway came into the league until the third Super Bowl defeat, a man quietly in the background to support him, that person's name is Gary Kubiak.)
In the 1990 Super Bowl postgame rhetoric until 8 years later to become a reality. When Elway led the Broncos back to the Super Bowl again, his Shuangbin even have a little gray. Before the start of the 1997 season, Elway in the preseason tearing his biceps, if you want to choose surgery, he is likely the season, there may even since retired. But Elway choose conservative treatment without surgery, he is already 37-year-old "old man", and he did not want a career in regret. This time into the Super Bowl, Elway no longer as isolated as the previous two, with the first running back in team history of Terrell Davis, and this time the Broncos vowing to Lombardi cup back to the plateau, while their opponents are defending champion Green Bay Packers. Although Elway in the game and did not get through passing touchdowns, passing yardage of 123 yards is not really much good-looking, but in a perfect performance Davis 3 times red ball touchdowns, the Broncos to 31-24 victory over packaging workers, and finally, after four runner-up team won the team's first Super Bowl history! Although Elway did not play more than the color of the data, but he was in the game this time helicopter play allows fans unforgettable! For Super Bowl champion, 37-year-old Elway flying red ball, lay the foundation for the team after the touchdown.

But after the 1998 season, Elway helped the Broncos into the Super Bowl again, and this time he also failed to champion again slip from the fingers, neat 34-19 victory over the Atlanta Falcons. Elway also 336 yards and 1 touchdowns and one rushing touchdown in the Super Bowl performance of elected MVP. This Super Bowl has also become Elway Broncos effectiveness in the final game. 5 into the Super Bowl as a quarterback through his red ball scored 4 touchdowns, Elway this record may be put on the no latecomers unprecedented, while the 38-year-old can still be as young as alone kill into the end zone to score, this courage, also deserves our praise: With who asked, Get the lead, still capable of food has?

5th Super Bowl, the final two before retiring finally Glenealy crown, Elway's Super Bowl career turns out to be stumbling ups and downs. May 2, 1999, John Elway announced his retirement. And when he retired, his career 148 wins and 82 losses and 1 level record has made him one of the highest winning quarterback in NFL history, the number of passes in attempts, successes and passing yardage passing on He is also second only to Peyton Manning, Brett Favre and Dan Marino ranks third history. As of 2012, Elway and Tom Brady are the only two in the Super Bowl two of the five starting quarterback. Meanwhile, Elway became the first are harvested once a red ball touchdowns in four different Super Bowl quarterback. The 38-year-old Super Bowl quarterback, he also became the largest seizure in the history of the Super Bowl year. September 13, 1999, at the Broncos home game against the Miami Dolphins in the Monday night game, John Elway Broncos wore No. 7 jersey will be retired permanently opposition Colts.

After Elway retired, he did not like most of the retired players join football commentary, like family. He started a team manager to start the transition. In 2003 he became CEO of Colorado an indoor football team, but here six years of management experience has also become an important factor in his subsequent return to the Broncos. 2011 John Elway back here again after leaving the Broncos for 12 years, became executive vice president of team operations. He returned to the team's first year of successful operation of another quarterback from pony --Peyton Manning joined the Broncos.

This time the successful operation to help the Broncos once again become the biggest favorites to win the American League (kick away but my favorite Tebow, so I still tryin).

After things, we all know the, Manning helped the Broncos reached the Super Bowl again, facing the mighty boom burst corps, they Super Bowl history's third-largest points difference lost the game. 2014, Elway Broncos began part-time general manager, in his operation, the Broncos whole team is gradually changing. And he had a substitute Gary Kubiak was he again brought back to Denver, became the team's head coach.

The coming days, Elway still in the dedicated work of the Mustang, perhaps this will be their eighth trip to the Super Bowl might get it!

TD Terrell Davis is proud of the nickname, the strongest in history this Mustang running back can indeed assume T (up) D (front) of the task. As a 95-year low round draft pick (6 196), Davis and most couples go through rigorous pre-season training camp to prove himself. And he highlights the performance of the preseason in his rookie season when he indeed proved Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan draft sinister vision. The high light performance of the preseason for Davis won the Broncos main running back position. Rookie ball 237 times advancing 1117 yards scored eight touchdowns, rookie this near-perfect performance (Be the lowest overall rookie in NFL history to win the rookie season of 1000 yards run the ball players data), but also reinforced the Mustang weak The ground offensive. This time, reinforcing been demonstrated in several seasons is crucial.

1998 32nd Super Bowl, John Elway fourth Super Bowl trip, the first TD, the opponent is Brett Favre led the powerful Green Bay Packers. As defending champion Packers before widespread attention it has been good. But the Broncos let people see that they are bound to win this Super Bowl ambitions, often use open ground offensive TD situation. Although since childhood had suffered migraine TD in the game has affected him, and therefore most of the second quarter of the time did not play, but it is still amazing TD ran 157 yards to get three touchdowns . He also became the first man to win three Super Bowl run the ball touchdowns. 32nd Super Bowl MVP deserved.

The next 98 seasons, TD became a member of the club's 2000 yards, and gains when the regular season MVP. In the 99 years of the 33rd Super Bowl, Davis ran for 102 yards and catch data Data ball 50 yards to help the Broncos won the Super Bowl. But the game has also become a TD last playoff game. In his three seasons in the league's eight playoff games, he scored a total of 1140 yards the ball 204 times and 12 touchdowns, including seven consecutive games over 100 yards running the ball scores, now this one Records are also still keep it.

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