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Buy Cheap Super Bowl 50 Jerseys - 2016

1. What is the Super Bowl?
Star-studded Super Bowl
First of all, Super Bowl snacks with nothing to eat goods can go right up! Super Bowl is the annual championship of the American Football League, the winner is called the world champion. The annual Super Bowl that is star-studded, may sound, firecrackers, memorable Tonight ...... In short its status is equivalent to the show, it is also affectionately known as the American Spring Festival. This year's Spring Festival will be the curtain in Beijing at 7:30 on February 2.

2. What is the midfield show?
Fruit sister how this year will bring performances
You do not understand football? That's right! American Spring Festival is for you to prepare for this blind ball! Show star midfielder and creative advertising, you are to see it to see it or to see it! ? Super Bowl intermission show, although only 12 minutes, but only the top singers are eligible to become guest performers, MJ debut after 15 years, 30 years after his debut Madonna was invited to board the midfield show! This year the fruit sister Katy Perry fans please move so small bench.

3. What are the team to participate in the Super Bowl?
Super Bowl against both the Football Association of the United States when the season championship VS National Football Federation Championship. This year's participating teams are the National League (NFC) champion Seattle Seahawks and the Midland (AFC) champion New England Patriots. Super Bowl is definitely a gold trench level, even if one player can get lost $ 46,000 / person, while the winning team's players to reach $ 92,000 / person.

4, Super Bowl after blasting Hollywood?
Super Bowl ratings How terrible? 2014 Super Bowl viewing audience of 100 million 11.5 million, compared to what Hollywood blockbusters, creating a viewing trips record Titanic has reached 100 million 23 million passengers, and nearly five Super Bowl viewership basically every game Titanic was flat, after blasting Avatar, including other movies. If you have not seen the Super Bowl may make a little ... LOW!

5, Super Bowl advertising money how capricious?
Small yellow people also went to the Super Bowl in to
After the program, please continue to enjoy this ad! Phrase ridicule excessive domestic drama advertising joke, to become a reality in the Super Bowl! 2014 people spent 6.3 million hours online special watch Super Bowl ads. Super Bowl ad every 30 seconds bid actually up $ 4.5 million, this year's 32 TV commercials seats already sold. Spoilers about, then we can see include Victoria secret angel, Fast and Furious 6, Iron Man 3, little yellow people ......

6, World Cup, the Olympics harder than the Super Bowl?
Super Bowl a ticket is hard
The world's first Super Bowl commercial value, beat the Olympic Games and the World Cup, when the world's 171 countries and regions will use 23 different languages ​​on the Super Bowl broadcast. But for a food goods, the following is the key: the Super Bowl game day, Americans spend on food is about $ 50 million, one-day annual consumption ranked second only to Thanksgiving. Now I understand why a little thing called the Super Bowl ......

7, the Super Bowl fare much?
Super Bowl ticket price has Scoop $ 4,174.50, the most expensive ticket prices of $ 13,200! You know, NBA Finals tickets tiebreak battle highest price was $ 5,453, the average price is $ 1,196, only a quarter of the Super Bowl. Gee, still look nice and keep it live in front of the TV.

8, the Super Bowl is the only bowl trophy?
Super Bowl trophy is World Cup rugby community
As the World Cup trophy called the World Cup, the European Cup trophy called Delaunay Cup Super Bowl championship trophy also has its own name, called Vince - Vince Lombardi Cup, based on the famous coach Vince - Portland named Buddy, he led the Green Bay Packers won the first two Super Bowl champions. But the Super Bowl trophy is not only bowl, but a football.

9, the Super Bowl also has a championship ring?
Putin put it down on the Super Bowl rings
And the NBA, as the Super Bowl champions will get a championship ring. Ring's first born from 1967 to this year, will produce the first 49 rings. Super Bowl ring is not only very beautiful, and often inlaid with diamonds, and therefore are about tens of thousands of dollars worth, once he said to Putin during a visit it is like, after he put the ring wearing his pocket, and then surrounded by three KGB bodyguard He walked away with ......

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